Pleasure is…

Pleasure is essential… what’s the point otherwise? And variety is essential… same-same gets bland and uninteresting. Thinking of you guys, shackled to your desks at home and to the kitchen table… who cares you’re in the Hamptons, you feel caged even if it’s gilded. All you need now is a little creativity to get away and taste some sweet forbidden fruit. 

There are two exotic ones available today: Karina and Deena, but the day is shorter than back in the day, so plan to stop by until about 6 pm. Call/text 347-871-0383 to book. You have met them? Then you really know what they look like, so photos will not do them justice. If you have not, but you are a former client, please text to get it. xxx


Stormy Tuesday

Since they say the storm will hit at around noon, we decided to stay home today. Hope you do, too, safe inside. You can text/call 347-871-0383 to book for Wednesday Karina or Deena. On Thursday is Ora and on Friday – Anika. We will be posting “real” photos, that’s why the pages are password protected (S.O and boyfriends are all over, you never know wink wink).

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