Giving In- Getting A Bed

After all this time, only using a massage table, I finally gave in to peer pressure and bought a bed… Have no idea if I will hate it or like it, but I know others (guys and gals) will.   What can I say, I’m always the last one to the party. So… waiting forContinue reading “Giving In- Getting A Bed”

Need A Stimulus?

Need a stimulus? There a couple to chose from today – Tuesday (Daniella and Anika) and a couple tomorrow, Wednesday (Karina and Gigi). If that is not enough, you have to manage somehow, because Congress will no approve any more. Call or text 347-871-0383 to have the stimulus of your choice. <figure> <a href=””&gt; <imgContinue reading “Need A Stimulus?”

Last Day Of Summer…Brrr!

Last day of summer or first day of frost? Where are my boots? Where are my gloves? Bye bye bathing suits, hello jackets and layers. I guess time to show off body is over, let’s get fat! Jokiiiing!    Karina and myself working out as we speak in order to prepare for your viewing pleasureContinue reading “Last Day Of Summer…Brrr!”

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