Love To Come…

…back from the gym, and have a hard time going. LOVE TO COME form the gym! hahahaha- who doesn’t? Oh maybe you don’t think exercise is important. I agree, eating is the most important. What you put in your mouth counts! Ok, enough double entendre. Today the space is used by lovely ORA from 11amContinue reading “Love To Come…”

On The Verge Of…

…Exctasy! haha – gotcha! But it feels like we are all on the verge of something… Ready to explode or thrust forth 🙂 Ok, guys have an easier thrusting reflex, but gals ca feel they want to and do it too! My inspo this morning – after getting a large dose of toxicity from theContinue reading “On The Verge Of…”

🤑Monday “Investment”- Deal Day

In keeping with the times, I’m thinking about making Monday an easier day to swallow- pun not intended. Make the Monday the deal day and see how the mice come out to play, while the kitty kat is more amiable. Ok so the deal is this: on Mondays take 20% off the usual rate. ThatContinue reading “🤑Monday “Investment”- Deal Day”

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