Took a long break from social media (except YouTube and you, guys), but broke down yesterday and logged in to Insta. Wow, talk about an avalanche of T&A! 

Account widely used by the Russian providers as the source for fake photos :)... yes, I agree, gorgeous!

It’s hard for us, women, to compete, but it is hard for you, guys, to see all that and not be able to have… Well, you can have almost the same, sometimes… ;). Anyway, I feel inspired and suffocated at the same time. How about you? 

Also, this question is bothering me: why in the world would you be so hang up on seeing some lame selfies of some provider, when you can see all those goodies on Insta? Not only that, but some of you “collect” photos of providers… What for? You can jack off without any collecting… And truth be told, providers get scared when they think you have their photo, implies you might have nefarious ulterior motives. THAT IS WHY they use fake photos. 

Hear that?!-  mister, who reproaches me for the situation. In one of your comments you said I am “the boss” and I shouldn’t allow it. Well, not sure who is the boss, me or the provider, but the one thing I can do is not work with her anymore. And I don’t -anymore. You happy now? She knows she owns you, and I am forced to accept any behavior on her end, if I want to survive. I am the one stuck with expenses and rent, she invests 2.75 on a train ticket. I am the one holding on to the set-up 24/7, she comes in 3 hrs a week, after which she closes the door behind her and doesn’t care. She gets all the praise on message boards, while “the place” gets all the blame. Ugh!

In the end, it is about BEING INVESTED – not only behind closed doors, but all around. 

LMK what you think, nicely and honestly, or only nicely :).

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