Can you tell?

Sometimes, walking on the street, you see women and you get a feeling that they are working girls – especially if they are white and Russians… that high end “production”, sleek, hair and face Instagram-ready (obligatory full lips and high cheek bones) and very slender… I hope you don’t think I am racist. Hey, I like to look at them too! I’m thinking with a mind wink “work it, girl!”.


Truth be told, we all need to see some sexy stuff, all this down time makes people look scruffy and unkempt. I really feel funny about dressing up these days, how do you wear heels and get all glammed up and then put a mask on? I mean it’s possible but I feel like too much work if I have to cover up. 


Anyway, at work is GLAM Time– yayyy! 


And Deena is all glam, all the time, with a mask on or without. She will be on today from 12 noon, therefore text or call 347-871-0383.


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