Can’t Help It

I know some people want me to only write about T&A, and I do, unless there is something else I want to write about. They say “love your haters”. I can’t love them. I say- go unsubscribe! Helloooo! 

Anyway, I just read this on the

Not sure if you knew already or some other news channel posted it. I think it’s GREAT news and I wanted to share. 

Also since today’s weather will be stormy and so forth, I will use the time to redo the website and post some more photos of lovely mate Karina- boy, what a body on that girl. She was on this past Monday, and she already made a “conquest” and I heard good things about her. 


It’s kind of tough not knowing what the dish tastes like to your guests, and I know it is awkward to badmouth. But good feelings are nice to share! So, please do if you get them 🙂 here…

Running off to my running routine before the rain starts. Been on a mission, I can see the results, will show some later.

So today we will be off due to the weather. The schedule for next week and other new things will pop up in the next hours, keep checking if you can. xoG


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