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If you have visited previously, you can text to inquire or book an appointment. Please let us know your name and code we gave you if you can.

If you have never been here before, please call; it is better than texting because we can hear each other and it is also more efficient, I can answer to questions better verbally than texting. Of course, if you need to text, we will try to work around it :). We can also Facetime and or Snapchat

Lady S

Safety is paramount, therefore please be prepared to answer honestly questions that we might have. If you are paranoid, we are twice as much more than you. Please be honest and open with your information- we only need to make sure you are the type of guest we like to deal with. We have no interest in your personal life, we will never initiate contact (only reply to your attempt to contact us). Unless you pay us to do that 😉 …. We guarantee absolute discretion and privacy!

Thank you for your interest and cooperation!

9 thoughts on “Get in Touch

  1. Like the return to password protected pages with real photos. Is it possible to for an “established” to contact via e-mail to get the password instead of text?

    1. We do not have an “official” email. I used to have a G-suite but it’s too expensive, and most people use text more than email. Maybe you could do the same? get a number you use only for your secret life- we are all in the same club after all.

  2. GiGi… I really love your political adds-on in all your email updates; it makes me keep interested and have fun reading. Thank you!

    1. Oh honey, I am so happy you like them, I will definitely keep writing what I like and feel like, and hey, if some vermin complains, he doesn’t have to follow and can unsubscribe. I am not forcing anyone to read or visit. 吃屎

  3. Gigi, I was a client several years back before moving out of the NYC area. I resubscribed to your emails despite living 1k miles because I find your commentary to be so intelligent and on point. Thank you for your common sense.

  4. A conspiracy against Trump?
    He formed the task force. He said he knew it was a “pandemic” all along. I understand why some businesses are frustrated by this crisis just like i know that mask manufacturers are hoping it lasts. But 40m are unemployed and millions of lives impacted so please save the conspiracy theories. Trump ignored intel in February into March – he didn’t want to torpedo the economy but in doing so, he ended up torpedoing the economy. He’s the captain of the ship – can’t also be a victim.

    1. Save the theories? Why? If it does something for my bank account, I will save them. I don’t have conspiracy theories, Trump is an arrogant pompous ass but there is validity in what he says – he just can’t say it nicely and irks people.

  5. Koolaid. Hey that was an amazing commentary you made. The fatality rate is very low, and we are going through all this for what? There is obviously a political/ economic motivation behind all this, and no matter what you might think of our President, it all seems somewhat conspiratorial against him.

    The shelter in place has been difficult personal, and during work breaks I look at pi’s of beautiful women ( like yourself 😘) on the internet. There is also so much of that I can do also. When you wrote “This is not about T and A” you aroused my curiosity.

    1. Haha, good, glad you liked it! I hated Trump until now, and all of a sudden I saw it: yes, when Trump recommends hydroxychloroquine to prevent getting sick, the fat heads on CNN say that the drug doesn’t help people that are in the hospital. Duh! It’s not about treating dying patients, it’s about prevention; of course their answer, while maybe correct for the very ill, it’s not correct for healthy people, but they never mention prevention. Somebody is making a lot of money getting lots of people sick one way or another, selling ventilators and drugs, and quarantining and isolating people.

LMK what you think, nicely and honestly, or only nicely :).

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