๐Ÿ“žG e t in T O U C H

Text: 347-871-0383; see below how to do it.

How to book by text or email:

Version 1: Hello, my name is Joe Doe and this would be my first visit. I saw XYZ (name of entertainer) is working today and I would like to book one hour at XX:XX (4:30, for example). Please confirm.

Version 2: Hello, my name is JOE JAN1, I have been there before. Can I book XYZ (name of the provider) at 4:30 for 45 min? Pls confirm.


  1. Texting one word, ex. ” Hi”… because that makes things twice or three times slower; try texting everything you need to say in one text: your name, the time, how long, and who do you want to book.
  2. Being vague: when you want to book smb., “this afternoon” is not a time you can book, unless you mean to buy 6 hrs of smb time; asking if a provider “has time today, or is she busy today“- who cares? If you want to book an appointment, decide what time and how long. If she is busy or not, it’s besides the point. You can ask her when you meet face to face, but even so, it seems intrusive and unnecessary.
  3. More than three texts back and forth is too much; time is the only thing we cannot have/get more of; don’t waste yours or ours, please. Be fast, clear, decisive, succinct.