day 83- i had enough koolaid!

Sorry boys, this post is not about T & A- not directly. Trying to make decisions about going forward and looking into different sources of info. I’m a news junkie and probably have too much time- I’m always watching national and international channels, so I can make my own mind.

Right now just finished watching Cuomo’s news conference- today. He said: “the government can say whatever it wants, he can say whatever he wants, but he can’t control it, people can control it. SMART is up to you.” Yeah, almost… And, while it’s sad when anyone dies, 94 k people in 83 days for a population of 325 million comes to 0.0002% and it doesn’t justify the hysteria we are forced to accept, especially when more than half were in nursing homes.

If you blinked, you did not see this headline the other day, because they did not repeat it, it was shown only once: NURSING HOMES ACCOUNT FOR MORE THAN HALF OF VIRUS DEATHS! Hellooooo!

Nursing homes account for more than half of virus deaths

So, while the virus is very dangerous for the elderly and the sick, you and I are not in that category, they are just trying to scare us. Locking us up and isolating and making us poor is very good for our health- indeed.

If you doubt that, how about Sweden? If you have time, check out this interview on BBC:

The Swedes are smart AF! The don’t need Bezos to run their lives(there is no Amazon in Sweden). Who is making money out of this crisis? Amazon food delivery is trying to establish themselves even in India. Bezos owns us, and Gates with his vaccines. Soon we will have to be vaccinated or take the drugs Bill Gates is pushing. Why? Control! Playing God is the ultimate fun…

And if you still have some time left- this video…. Never heard of Dolores J. Cahill, but she is no dummy. The clip is long and in the beginning she is talking about her credentials, but you can fast forward and it will be quite interesting.

Anyway, enough for today … enjoy Memorial day and we will meet very soon, I promise!

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