Easy Go, Easy Come

Relief, baby… when you feel restless, a little edgy, a little irritable- you need relief. Now, of course, some things come easy, are readily available and handy (pun intended), but some are more fun- like seeing/watching someone else… and IRL is best, even if it is costly and risky and so forth. Real life is risky, everything in real life is risky and expensive; put a screen in between and it’s safer but more bland. All a matter of personal taste.

Taste changes. I wonder how will today’s newborns grow up to think/experience about intimacy and sex 20 yrs from now. We will be going at it the old way- like Duracell Bunny. They will get hooked up to some app/device and that will be it. I am so glad I will be old and need no more panky.

Saying all this because I found an old Playboy (January 1978)- there is something sexy about the look of the time, a little less “built”, more natural, not that I like hyper grown landscapes. Also faces look normal, no extra size lips (I miss to see white women with chicken lips). The old Sean Connery 007 movies and the women – yes, yes! That was the free-love era, wasn’t it?

Can’t wait to get some IRL myself 😉


Playboy January 1978

and speaking of free love, what are people from Amsterdam doing right now?

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