“De gustibus non est disputandum”. I like to ad a video on my blog post to get some inspiration, and I prefer the sexy over the crude (i.e. the rap type videos, with bulges that bounce, you know which ones I am talking about). By the same token I prefer the type of client who also appreciates that. Those who seek “freaks” or “PSE” are not my type of customer and I always try to make sure we’re on the same page with expectations and offerings.

I also like variety, and there is just this much content I can use from the available photos my friends are giving me to show them off. 

Hope you enjoy them, in a way they are representative of the the beauties you might be meeting soon. Schedule next week: 

Monday: Karina and Deena; Tuesday: Anika and Gigi; Wednesday: Karina and Deena; Thursday: Ora; Friday: Anika and Gigi..

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