Have Faith

tall slim blonde woman on a balcony

Faith and Hope are the best “stage” names… Right now, if I get any new friends aboard, I will baptize them one or both of these names.


Like names that are short and easy. I think ORA is brilliant (it was her idea, not mine). She is working today, so for all of you who like long legged blondes with a full pout mouth and model like presence, call/text 347-871-0383, or you can email to our old email address spell.888.552.6660@gmail.com. 


You know my obsession with live streams on YouTube; can’t help. It is my kind of porn. Want to see what’s happening in other places in real time. Found Isalmorada beach pool – let’s have FAITH that some gorgeous bodies will show up soon (as I am writing this some maintenance guy was sweeping around, not sexy, unless you have a lot of imagination 😁. But it’s still early, I’ll be peaking through the day to see who is hanging out there). Even no one shows up I still like seeing the view.

LMK what you think, nicely and honestly, or only nicely :).

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