Just Have A Little Fun

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Hot, humid, dark… Just a little fun wouldn’t hurt to make the day better. I am hoping for a healthy rain to cool the air, and make the atmosphere less steamy. Going for a run regardless, I am on a mission- dam’it! Get that bod hard and harder. That’s what being around fit people does to me, it makes super inspired. When I say fit, Karina is, and so is Deena. Well, there is a body type matter too. My body type seems to attract high testosterone black men – hahaha ;)… Skinny and super thin women are more attractive to petite, (white) men. If you say I am racist and/or sexist I can tell you I am racy and sexy. 

Today after 11 am text/call 347-871-0383 to book. 

Both ladies are very discriminating when it comes to getting new clients, one reason for their not wanting be on the site without a password. 

tall slender brunette woman provider of sensual massage at ladyspellbound


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