Last Week of August

Stars and Tan Lines

Are we going to miss summer time? It was a weird time, so I can’t say I’ll miss the fun, ’cause it hasn’t been much, but by Golly, if life doesn’t come soon back to mostly normal in the City, I am not looking forward to cold weather and no place to go. 

You- in the meantime- can ameliorate your restlessness and boredom days with some lovely times, if you visit. Today, Karina and Deena are the sirens coming out of the sea; can you taste the salty kiss from where you are? If not, it’s because some things cannot be accomplished online, so get going and go get it/them 😉 Call/text 347-871-0383 to book.


LMK what you think, nicely and honestly, or only nicely :). This here is an autocracy, not a democracy, so any dissent will be "putinized"

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