Love To Come…

…back from the gym, and have a hard time going. LOVE TO COME form the gym! hahahaha- who doesn’t? Oh maybe you don’t think exercise is important. I agree, eating is the most important. What you put in your mouth counts! Ok, enough double entendre. Today the space is used by lovely ORA from 11am until 6pm.

What makes me tick today? Some nice things, gosh I miss going shopping like in the old times… online is nice too, but it was so much fun actually going in the sore to see the stuff. Just like this biz, online is good but it cannot compare to real life. I miss elegance and getting dressed up, going to nice places, some elegant fun… tired of leggings and puffy jackets, want some heels and dresses, when? when? In the mean time I will play dress up inside. Come and see, come 🙂


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