Luscious Black Mane

Was looking at Karina’s luscious black mane the other day and was thinking how awesome that must feel to touch and play with. Not that I have a “thing” for Karina, but you know, in the most innocent way. 

Karina available tomorrow from 11 am until 5 or 6 pm. 

And speaking of innocence, gosh, I miss those days when a sensual massage was just that, when it was enough for most people, when a provider didn’t have to be expected to offer PSE, or not even GFE. Yes, there was a time, and not even so long ago. 

Are there any guys left who enjoy just sensuality and a soft, feminine touch? If so, text/call 347-871-0383.

2 thoughts on “Luscious Black Mane

    1. Funny you should say that, since I just received an inquiry about providing service on “milking” tables. I had to look it up, seriously. Boy, this Covid really does a thing for a lot of guys, they live onporn sites and expect the same after. I’m thinking I could make a hole in a shower curtain and hang it to the ceiling, maybe it’s ALSO good for “social distancing”… 🙂
      Anyway, glad to hear it! Hope there are more people like you!

LMK what you think, nicely and honestly, or only nicely :).

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