My Name is Strut, Lady Strut

Tall slender brunette, sensual massage provider

Warm, warm, hotttt! I can do that!

Playing with you… are your eyeballs stuck to the screen? And why not? I mean chicks in bathing suits and heels? Haha the full figured model was about to fall :))).

So now are you in the mood for some long legged beauty? My girlfriend Karina will do the honors today – just let me know so I can let her know: 347-871-0383 (text/ call). You can email also to the old  email: until I get the other one started.



tall slender brunette woman provider of sensual massage at ladyspellbound

Karina is a tall (5’9″) Eurasian slender, leggy 26 yo seductress, experienced and very friendly, longs legs and almond shaped eyes, full lips and smooth skin (not tattoos or piercings). Mesmerizing!


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