Soooo?…. after this forced vacation, the idea of work seems so sweet… Some of my friends think the same thing (Deena, Daniella and Ora), but maybe the others will too, will keep you updated.

Feeling safe or unsafe is very personal; I will do whatever I can to make things safe for my self and others: no crowds here, appointments one-on-one spaced out so there is time to disinfect and clean, disposable sheets, disposable everything 🙂 ; no cross-contamination, door knobs wrapped in plastic and changed for every appointment, shoes left at the door (no worries, there will be no one else besides you on the premises) where you will find, on a small table, supplies for your self: hand sanitizer, gloves, face mask, disinfectant. I will wear a mask and if you want me to wear gloves as well, please let me know. We will discuss it in advance, so that it’s all smooth when you come in.

If you have any questions please call or text: 347-871-0383. Mwah for now!💋


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