Play Day

Monday should be an official “play day”, since Friday is usually a pay day. If only I made the rules… 

Today will start with Karina

tall slender brunette woman provider of sensual massage at ladyspellbound

from 11 am and Deena


will come in later. I will confirm with them the password for their pages. If you have seen their photos before, as of now they are the same, so don’t worry, you’re not missing out.

Basically everyone will have a different password and you will text or email them directly to ask for it. Everyone will have an email or number where you can reach them. Everyone will have photos taken on the premises so you know they are real. 

Please be patient, we are working on these changes this week. In the meantime you call call/text 347-871-0383 to book. For the schedule, we will keep the photos we had before 🙂

As promised

I was talking about some changes, and one of them will be the gallery. Since guys want “real” photos- all the photos on everyone’s page will be taken inside the place, so this way there is no question of their origin. They will probably not be the most glossy and professional, but they will be “real”. Also the photos will be password protected for privacy. We used to do that a while ago… some people might still remember 🙂


Also, each one of us will charge either an “established” rate or “newbie” rate. The rates will be displayed on everyone’s page at the top, along with the description. I have never tried this before, so let’s see how it well it will work out. This will be more beneficial when new and not so established friends will be available.


Working on these changes now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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