We all need it sooner or later. Me – sooner. You- later?

…From the captivity and negativity or weirdness. I am sure we will get back to normal because people who want that and are optimists outnumber the paranoid and doom day pursuers. Fauci has good intentions, but he sees life only through his data, he doesn’t know anything else. And I agree with Rand Paul- Fauci is not the “end all”.

Sold a guitar yesterday – it was in a case. So the man puts the envelope with the money under the windshield wiper and runs into his car and motions to me to lay the case with the guitar on the hood of the car. For Pete’s sake, I am not made of uranium. He didn’t even want to be near me even outside- of course, I was wearing a mask. Poor guy, life must be horrible when you’re so scared.

As for myself, I’m all for hygiene and disinfecting, and dislike crowds, love space and spaced out people, so I am kind of happy with all the stuff that we must do these days, but staying in the house all the time, and thinking that you’re in mortal danger otherwise is ludicrous! Enough!

Looking forward to the next chapter,


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