Saturday Motivation

DON’T listen !!! Ouch! the music sux, but the visuals make me want to hit the gym pronto!! What do they do for you?

Haha, with the other eye I am watching old episodes of Sex and The City: “some of the best sex I had was with people I can’t stand“… “ugly sex is hot!” 😂😁😂🤣 – that’s what they say, not sure I agree… but I know you can be turned on by the Vibe more than the Looks. The right mojo is what is needed, but who can tell what that is?

Hey – take a look at the schedule for next week, it’s up!

I said I will no longer write on the blog, since I don’t have any fans – all the subscribers are fans of other people… that are no longer here or that are not me…. but I can’t help it… like Carrie, gotta write my “column”. Besides, if no one cares is better- less pressure.

Maybe I’ll be the next Carrie… but I don’t kiss and tell, I am a lady 😉

2 thoughts on “Saturday Motivation

  1. Hi I am a glad that you are still writing your posts. I enjoy reading them and they help during an isolating tune in everyone’s life😊

    1. Glad to hear they are entertaining to some people. Not sure how much I can stick to the T&A subject, I also have to speak from my POV or else I would get terribly bored. Therefore, those don’t care for me and what I have to say will have to unsubscribe, because I need to have fun doing it 🙂


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