Ok, I admit, I’m sucking it in a little… but not for long, getting close to that bod I want to have. Told you I was on a mission a while ago. The thing is boyfriends/husbands/family and staying home is not good for the waistline; having to undress and show yourself in front of a stranger is a real motivator.

As it happens I noticed that with most ladies that took a break and came back after a while, they are a little more curvy- schadenfreude. Truly, not everyone looks bad when they are thicker (unfortunately I do), some women are more beautiful voluptuous, although we all prefer to be skinny. 

Long story short, you guys missed Daniella yesterday. She’ll be back next week, so will be Isabella. Ora is on tomorrow (she is the type who is always thin- damn!)

As for today-hurry, hurry, there is still time to book either Deena or Karina until this evening, but not too late.


2 thoughts on “Schadenfreude

  1. Actually, Zaftig is the German word you are looking for. Schadenfreude basically means an absence of empathy. Either way, you look pretty great as you are!


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