Sensation Compensation

The issue with wearing a mask for me (not that is it the most pressing issue), is that it makes one look like a weird animal, it is ugly, it makes you feel like a slob, especially as a woman. Grrrr! The only way around it is to show more skin in other parts of the body, like in the video bellow. If we could wear tape clothing, wearing masks wouldn’t be so bad, it would somehow be a compensation. Don’t you agree? And check out those bodies!… Golly! I’m kind of getting excited myself. Yes, they are more than beautiful, they are sexy, which is not the same thing.

Sexy and beautiful are Karina and Deena, if you care for IRL (it means “in real life”, Pops). They are on a stand-by today, so call/text 347-871-0383.



LMK what you think, nicely and honestly, or only nicely :). This here is an autocracy, not a democracy, so any dissent will be "putinized"

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