There was only one thing that was the center of attention in that room: her bare butt. You just wait there she said. Therefore she marched into the room. Clumsy fingers fumbled with buttons and tugged and her skirt fell to the floor. Then her white pants, pulled down deliberately slowly, to make the moments of baring her flesh last a lifetime. Past all modesty until she was completely exposed. Her wobbling bottom cheeks couldn’t keep still even before the spanking had started. They tightened and relaxed, shaking her bottom, anticipating the shock, the sting, the burn to come. It was unthinkably awful standing there with her bare bottom on display knowing what was going to happen. However the first smack landed it was like nothing she’d ever felt before. In addition the hand descended again, and again, and again. Unhurriedly. To sum it up, it was a long drawn out spanking that was meant to be remembered. Her protests and pleas were loud, but the spanking was louder than her cries. Nothing would stop it until her bottom was a deep red. Her burning bare bottom. It was unbearable. This couldn’t be happening, she thought frantically. But the world just watched. It was just a spanking. On the bare bottom. Matter of fact. Nothing out of the ordinary. She must have deserved it. Do you like to receive or give naughty spankings? I like both, but you will have to come in to see what DANIELLA likes or JULIA 🙂

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