Two Plus One

Today: DANIELLA and DEENA and also a visiting muse: Katalina. She is South American, 21 yo, very pretty face, very friendly and sweet. 5’6″, 119 lbs. 34b-24-30. Young, fresh, cute. Photos below. Since she is only working today and tomorrow, she doesn’t have a permanent page. She will be back, but only “visiting”. So many choices today!…


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Today from 11 till later this evening: ORA and DEENA.

As before, please click on each name to go to their pages.

Still playing at my post style… I am really into this sexy vintage posters – they are so much fun. As repressed and conservative as people seemed in the 50’s, they still knew how to have fun (of course, not “officially”).

It is true that feeling naughty and doing things that you can’t really talk about with your children and family, is such an escape- an escape from being an adult that needs to obey the rules and live for others. Doing something for yourself and yourself only- how luxurious to be so selfish…. how fun!

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