One woman show today- I will be available today from 3pm to 9pm.

New inquiries from people I don’t know are best through email: info@ladyspellbound.com. I verify the quality of my clientele (successful professionals) through LinkedIn.

Returning patrons can text 347-871-0383.

Phone calls will be answered if I am available and if possible: 888-552-6660.

xxoo, GG

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make me an offer… I can’t refuse

No, not that type, the nice type…. so tempting I will say “yes, yes, yessss”….

Today: DANIELLA and JULIA (Click on name to see more)


Still on the vintage pulp fiction book cover style…”Make me an offer” looks like a fun read. I might stop by Strand today to see what they have. Beach reading, or chaise-lounge in the shade reading… While sipping a cool mojito or something…

If you dream vacation is not here yet, you can jump start by stopping by today

Call 888-552-6660 or text 347-871-0383 or email: info@ladyspellbound.com

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