LITTLE RED riding hood

The big bad wolf has eaten your email… Yes, the emails about the updates do not get delivered because it seems MailChimp doesn’t like adult entertainment. Monkey face is a hypocrite. In the meantime I hope you log in to see the updates.

Today’s SpellBelles are Deena and Ora from 11 am until later tonight. It is best if you call early to book late… summer nights are gorgeous and calling us to have fun… or if you want, we can play at your place…. it’s up to you.


Ora- click on the photo to go to her page
DEE- click on the photo to go to her page
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What Makes You Forget To Check Your Phone… Excitement

Busy With The Stuff That Makes you Happy

…Like being with people that are exciting, beautiful, interesting, good to talk to, listen to, look at, ….feel? touch? kiss? embrace? Engage with… We all need connection- if it’s IRL or virtual, but quite honestly the real life one is so much more satisfying. 

All sorts of enticing options and engaging possibilities today at LadySpellbound… Deena and Kimberly are the experts, anytime after 11 AM and until later, in the evening.


You don’t know your way around? Here, I’ll give you a hint. You still have to call me so I can hear your-oh-so-manly voice. 888.552.6660

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