Friday, the last day of this month to see DANIELLA, she will be away on vacation until September. JULIA is on as well, both available after 11AM until later this evening.

Call 888-552-6660 to book or email: If you are a friend of the house, you can text 347-871-0343 to book.

To go to their page, you can click on the photo or the links.

See you later,


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Monday’s Redeeming Appeal

Monday’s are hard, that revving up to the work week needs a little silver lining, a small redeeming appeal like an hour of indulgent self care provided by a super gorgeous creature like DEENA today after 11 AM. JULIA might join later since her ETA depends on other factors. Beautiful day and beautiful girl, you will no pain today.

Call 888-552-6660 or text 347-871-0383 or email:

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