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“the voice of beauty speaks softly; it creeps only into the most fully awakened souls”

Let Kimberly or Deena awaken your soul today 🙂

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“Some women are truly beautiful. The light of love shines through their souls. And the world gets drenched in their inimitable light of love. But do not try to dominate them. Let them keep their softness and tenderness.”

Softness and beauty and warmth, unlimited KIMBERLY and DEENA so lovely they will make Monday your favorite day of the week. Starting at 11…


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“…she doesn’t have to choose between being gentle or being fierce. Both exist in nature and both exist in her. That’s ok. She’ll know to nourish them both and when applicable, use each unapologetically.”

Victoria or Deena are both gentle, fierce and who are also unapologetically themselves –

And if two gorgeous brunettes are not enough, GG after 4 pm available by request.