He massages her back, working his way down her spine, from the nape of her neck right to the tip of her tailbone. However she senses him moving around and the next thing she feels is the most exquisite stroking sensation. He must be using the two big ostrich feathers on her. Most importantly she never imagined that feathers on her skin could feel so intense, like butterfly kisses. He strokes them one at time across the skin of her back, speeding up so that her skin is tingling beneath the sensation of the fluttering feathers. As if they are thousands of butterfly kisses assaulting her naked body. After that he removes the feathers and pours more heated, scented oil on to her back, starts working it into her skin. This is no ordinary massage. It is as if she and her masseur, are in unity, as if all the sensations of her body are working through him in a circle back into her again. To sum it up you too can be in unity with DANIELLA or JULIA.

buterfly kisses
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What are you willing to do?

It’s the name of a Rihanna song (a total love making song if there ever was any).

So I’ll tell you what I am willing to do: I will make looking at the website FUN, also put myself up front in all things promo, therefore you will see me 👀ALOT, and basically come out from behind the curtains.


I don’t think other similar websites are into aesthetics – truth be told, I am enjoying making it fun and pretty like you know wo 😉 – It’s my “secret sauce” to seduce you , my contribution to the deal. 

All you have to do is just CLICK. You know how to CLICK, don’t you… “you just put your lips together and blow”… oh, wait, that was Lauren Bacall. 


Lady S

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