Sensuality has exquisite skin and she appreciates it in others as well.

…..ย This is not intended as a provocative gesture but other people are, as usual, upset. Sensuality does not understand why everyone else is so disturbed by her.ย  She thinks with her body. As you might expect, she is a disaster at office jobs. (ย J. Ruth Gendler,ย The Book of Qualities).

I guess I have to read this book. It describes me to a T. And it describes DEENA and KIMBERLY to a G. What does G mean? Have no clue. What does T mean? See, same thing.

But let’s not get complicated: after 11 you can see for yourself who is this Sensuality-girl. Don’t let this beautiful day of summer deter you ;)…. Click on each image for more info. Then call 888.552.6660 and …