Forever Playful-

You Sunshine for the day comes from 3 Hot Stars, shining brightly in the fog: Isabella, Ora and Holly. After 11 you’ll see how much better the day can be if you stop by. The sunset is at usual time, so if you need heat it is better to book as early as you can.

Usually I take the time to compose and find amusing resources for the daily posts, but at times I have to improvise. The most important thing is for you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping we get to say “hello”.

Have not done my homework, so I am writing in a hurry, otherwise I know you will miss this, and your day will be ruined. Ok, you know I know you know I am exaggerating.

Oy, mustered something… like back in the school days when you had to be out the door and you were still writing your essay. I really need an A, professor!

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My cheeks tingled hot when she dropped her bag and brought her hand to my face, stroking the corner of my jaw with her impossibly soft thumb. However I placed my hand over hers; almost instinctively, our fingers interlocked and our lips drew close like magnets dragging us together. I lost myself in the swirl of the strange, new, familiar softness of her. She smelled like someone I once knew. After that our hands made quick work of each other’s terrain. I was slender where she was curved. She was light where I was tense. I was firm where she was soft. Her fingers unraveled my nerves as they trailed down my back, releasing the frenzied butterflies from the hidden cage door I didn’t know existed. I ran my fingers up into the thick curls of her hair and pulled her gently by the base of her skull further into my kiss. In return, she clutched at my hips to weave me deeper into her world. Our fingers interlocked and your fingers can interlock with KIMBERLY, DANIELLA or DEENA.

sensual bodyrub
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