Aren’t Women Wonderful?

Not only they win the World Cup, but they can be gentle, and caring, and soft, and sensual, and loving and fun… Ok, maybe not the same women, but if you desire some softness under the chill of the AC in a private space, all alone just you and your ladylove, then look no further… Daniella, naturally gifted and so sweet and bubbly, and Deena – with her model like figure and those sparkling blue eyes, will have you fall all the way under their spell…

  • Brunette Barbie

    spectacular body, gorgeous face

  • Luscious Blonde

    all natural beauty with big brown eyes and a mesmerizing smile


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Nothing wrong I thought in participating in a little more Grey Goose while we continue with our risky game of poker after dinner. As I looked across the table I caught his eye, my inner vixen had raised her head. I was ready to play, particularly that of seducer and slipped my foot from my shoe allowing it to deliberately glide up his leg. However he wasn’t sure of my motive, he certainly was now and I delighted in trailing my stocking foot firmly but surely up the inside of his leg. Therefore I leaned further back I ensured my toes could feel between his crotch, rubbing as I did to entice some inner movement. My eyes not moving, I continued to seek his arousal and started to feel his twitching bulge between his thighs. Oh delight, he was ready to play with me and not just at after dinner poker. In conclusion this sign alone was enough to send pulses to my inner legs, a subtle little sexy twitch between my lips, an indicator that my body was craving attention. Wriggling in my skirt, I playfully felt for the edges of my panties and began to ease them down, over my suspenders, down my hips and across my knees, dropping them visually on the floor. I kept my eyes focused deep into his, exposing my thoughts. However his eyes burnt into me with a growing desire, and with that I moved behind him and slipped my hands over his shoulder trailing them down into his shirt. JULIA or DANIELLA can trail down your shirt today 😉

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