Say it fast three times! Now, say it slow three times: tiiiitiiiilaaaatiiiing… Did it do anything for you, your naughty mind? No? You need help, I mean today, right now, ASAP. Call/ text 347-871-0383 to speak to someone who can help you! 

I like messing with you, as some already know. We got to get some fun out of this droopy time otherwise all we hear and think is pandemic, infections, virus, protests, crap. Doctor Gloom and Doom should also tell us what is he doing every day to improve the situation, not only how bad everything is. Oy! Now, try again: TITI- LATING; TITI-LATING. Better?


Best remedy: DEENA or ANIKA. They are both available for booking today but only one at the time, and only one guest on premises, so please book an hour in advance; they will come in for you, especially. Now, doesn’t that make you feel like a VIP?

petite very fit blonde young woman provider of sensual massage at ladyspellbound

ANIKA is a former gymnast from EE, very fit, about 5’5″, 34B-23-29 and 110 lbs. All natural, no “enhacements”, no tattoos, no piercings, long blond hair, fresh face, vey sweet. She is NEW, but experienced.

Deena is your all time favorite, fit, brunette with blue eyes, seductive and enchanting, world famous (well, let’s just say she is very popular)


I really like the backstage photoshoots videos- it takes a lot of work to get some nice photos (for all of you who don’t know that :))

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