When did you know about Santa?

There is no Santa, little one…

They say no matter how old, men stay boys when it comes to women. And as boys, they like pictures, photos are THE way they go about choosing anything, especially women… which is a blessing in disguise. It is very easy to make photos (and even videos) look super luscious, so my recommendation is to downgrade the photos a bit to match reality. 

Why am I saying this? Because the other day one guy was scrutinizing one of my friend’s page, and photos and said there are three different girls in her photos. Could be true, I get the photos they give me and use them as they are. I don’t question them unless there is a very obvious discrepancy. 


Ok, let’s try this, who would you choose between the ladies bellow, the left or the right one?

left or right?
left or right?
left or right?

Yes, they are the same person, but the version on the left is the photo she has on her feed, and the one on the right was taken by paparazzi. So, don’t waste time on making sure the girl in the photo and the reality are identical, no one will put an ugly photo of themselves up, not even you. The good photos are good for many reasons: angle, light and retouching are a few.


Instead of trying to control everything, RELAX! Be happy and chill! Enjoy the company of a beautiful woman, even if she doesn’t look like an Instagram photo. After all, she is offering you much more then “the view”. If that is not what you appreciate, then by all means, keep looking at pictures and never get off the screen. 

Enough teaching and preaching, right! So… today is a scorcher but it could a fun one with Karina or Deena. By appointment only! Please text/call 347-871-0383.

3 thoughts on “When did you know about Santa?

  1. Ah, and one more thing: women are not cars, they are not object I “own” in my showroom. They are people who do as they want, I am not their boss, actually they are my bosses, they tell me when they want to work and who they don’t want to see ad if they don’t want to be seen, recognized or promoted, I have to come up with an idea to get around the BS. God, I wish I sold cars… it would be so easy…

  2. Absolutely. Can you please tell me where you see the discrepancy? You say: “can’t you post something that’s more accurate? Wouldn’t that be better? Why set people up for disappointment and awkwardness?” When did that happen exactly? Who is blaming who? I am BLAMING?! I was explaining about photos, I wasn’t blaming. Yeah, you’re right, waste of time. No more.

  3. You’re the boss….all you have to do is look at the person and the pictures and if there is a big discrepancy, can’t you post something that’s more accurate? Wouldn’t that be better? Why set people up for disappointment and awkwardness? Customers would no doubt be appreciative. Seems like you’re blaming the customer for simply wanting to buy the car they thought they picked out.

LMK what you think, nicely and honestly, or only nicely :).

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